Recruitment Solutions

  • Client Perspective: NDC specialises in the full recruitment lifecycle, providing top-tier candidates tailored to your specific needs. From sourcing and interviews to verifications and CV optimisation, we guarantee an excellent recruitment package that delivers results.
  • Candidate Perspective: In pursuit of your ideal job? Our recruitment solutions offer more than just placements. We provide career advice and guidance, assisting you in navigating the job market and optimising your CV for maximum impact.


Verification Checks

  • Whether you’re hiring employees for your company or need verification services for personal reasons, our services are designed to assist you. We verify qualifications, references, conduct police clearances, and perform credit checks.     


Charter Service

  • Our fleet of vehicles ensures a reliable, luxurious, and convenient travel experience. With the ability to accommodate leisurely trips in small and large groups, as well as corporate excursions, we cater to your travel requirements.

    • Luxury Five-Seater Charter
      • Individual USB ports for each seat
      • Heated seats for ultimate comfort
      • Air conditioning for climate control
      • Bluetooth car sound system
    • Spacious 17-Seater Bus
      • Baggage space


Aptitude Testing

Unable to decide which subject choices to take in high school or struggling to select a university major that aligns with your potential goals? As a student, understanding your strengths and passions is crucial for making informed decisions in your academic journey. Our aptitude testing offers personalised insights to guide your future career choices.

Psychometric Assessments

Ensure you’re hiring candidates with the right skills and qualities for your company. Our psychometric assessments evaluate critical reasoning, emotional intelligence, and personal strengths, helping you make confident hiring decisions. Additionally, psychometric testing can be beneficial to the company by highlighting areas where the company can improve, providing valuable insights for organisational and employee development.